How to Transfer Everything from old Iphone to new Iphone !!!

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How to transfer data and apps in the new iPhone?

Getting a new iPhone is an awesome feeling but what about the data and apps of the old phone?? How to transfer this data? Should we have to download one by one? And the answer is No, we don’t have to worry about the data and apps anymore.


Result with our process:
1. New iPhone will have the same data and apps of old iPhone.
2. Same wallpaper of old iPhone will appear.
3. Apps order in the same way and stored in the same folder.
4. Photos will appear in your photo apps.
5. The email will automatically be set up and old messages will appear in your messages app.
6. Contacts will also be available.
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There are mainly two methods:
1. Backup through iCloud.
2. Backup through iTunes.

How to transfer all data and apps from old iPhone to new iPhone?

So here are those simple steps:

Step 1. Create a backup of your old iPhone.

This is the main process and we can back up our old iPhone in iCloud or iTunes on your mac or pc.  We recommend iCloud as it will be easier and don’t need any laptops. But using iTunes will be faster.

Here’s how to back up your old iPhone using iTunes:

1. Plug your iPhone into your Mac or PC
2. Open iTunes
3. Click ‘Back Up Now’


And how to back up your iPhone using iCloud:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone
2. Tap on your the name/picture at the top, then tap iCloud > iCloud Backup.
3. Check the list of Apps using iCloud to make sure that all the apps with data you need will be backed up.
4. Now tap Back up Now (or in older versions of iOS,  head to Settings > iCloud > Backup and tap ‘Back Up Now’)



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Step2. Turn on your new iPhone
Step3. To Restore from iTunes or iCloud backup you have to log in with your own Apple ID which must be same of your old iPhone. You will be asked whether you want to use as a brand new iPhone or you would like to restore an existing backup via iTunes or iCloud.
Step 4. Wait till your data is restored it will take time as your data size of the backup.

Once it is done, you will be able to access all data along with the photos, messages, contacts from old iPhone.

Note: Please comment down below if you crash with any problem.

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